Thanks to the ongoing generosity of the Sundt Foundation, we now have a battery powered electric lift.  This lift can handle members up to 450 lbs with ease.  It is a blessing for members and staff .  Members get moved safely and gently. Staff greatly reduce back injuries.  Win-win solution for Independence Plus! Say Hello to Robin!*

Robin has been attending Independence Plus since fall of 2011. He actively participates in Special Olympics and has won many gold medals over the years.  He competes in 'Ball Toss'  in Track and Field games and also participates in bowling events. According to his classmates, Robin is VERY good at UNO.  Besides card games Robin enjoys decorating his class bulletin board and being involved in arts & crafts.

Robin also loves outings and goes whenever he can.  Whether it is visiting a library, museum, stadium, or a's all good!
* Only Members with Photo Release can be featured in our newsletters.
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