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Dear Parents, Families, ADH and Care Providers:

This letter serves to update you regarding Covid-19 and Independence Plus.

As of May 28, 2021, we are presently have increased our program attendance to 36.  And counting!  With Covid rates dropping rapidly to pre-Covid status, Independence is slowly returning to its normal self.

We want to assure you that we continue to take precautions. Masks are being worn by all staff as well as members capable of wearing a mask. When possible 6 feet of distance is maintained between individuals and staff at the center.

Anybody new entering our facility is asked the standard questions about travel, recent illness, or known exposure before continuing past the lobby. Temperature is also checked.

All counters and hard surfaces are being cleaned 3x a day. This is performed in the morning, afternoon, and then again in the evening. This includes all doorknobs and light switches.

A majority of our staff have chosen to be vaccinated and have had their initial and booster shots.

Thanks to PPP loans and other forms of assistance we have kept afloat.  We greatly appreciate all that have made contributions to our cause and continue to do so.  Bless you all!

Hoping everyone stays healthy and safe. For latest info:


Dr. Gregory Triandafilou, D.C.

Associate Director/Pandemic Committee Advisor

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