ORGANIZATION: Independence Plus, Inc.
LOCATION:  3150 N 35th Ave, Suite #2   Phoenix,  AZ  85017
PHONE: (602) 484-7610
FAX: (602) 484-7304
PROGRAM(S) OFFERED:  Day Treatment Adult (Day Program) and Transportation
REFERRAL CONTACT:  Sharyl Torres, David Brieno
DAYS / HOURS:  Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
STAFF RATIO:  1:4, 1:2, 1:1
AGES:  18 years and older
PERSONAL CARE LEVEL:  Verbal cues to total care


  • Teaching objectives are reviewed/evaluated every 90 days per AHCCCS and DES/DDD guidelines
  • Independent Daily Living Skills (IDLS)
  • Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapies (as established by professional evaluation and recommendations)
  • Communication skills (interactive, initiate making needs known, sign language, augmentative device)
  • Social skills (utilize the good touch / bad touch concept, “stranger danger”, and basic social etiquette)
  • Personal and Oral Hygiene skills
  • Community Awareness
    a.  learning community signs and their meaning – reinforce during outings
    b.  learning community buildings and their functions (banks, grocery stores, shopping malls, state offices)
  • Consumer skills (money management, shopping, purchases)
  • Multi-Sensory Activities
  • Pre-Vocational skills (filling out applications, attitude, appearance, time concept, interview process, job interest)
  • Any other program deemed appropriate during ISP process and team; implementation pending feasibility


  • Arts and Crafts
  • Bowling
  • Movies at a theater
  • Cooking Class
  • Museums
  • Lunch at restaurants
  • Shopping for personal items
  • Library
  • Special Olympics involvement
  • Sensory motor integration
  • Daily exercise opportunity
  • Inter-agency activities
  • Musical instruction therapy
  • Activities of fine and gross motor stimulation
  • Volunteer work
  • Learning opportunities outside the structured ISPs
  • Attend community events
  • Individual / group discussion and support
  • Tours of potential work settings

TRANSPORTATION:  Available within boundary range and space on agency vehicle.

  • Metro transit orientation