Winter 2019-2020 Newsletter

 Independence Plus  

 “Serving the Special Needs of Arizona

  3150 N 35th Avenue, Ste 2  Phoenix, AZ  85017  (602) 484-7610

      A Message from the Executive Director

Greetings friends of Independence Plus!

Some things are supposed to be funny and some things are not.  Such is the vandalism cloud that has been casting shadows on our agency.  While vandalism has occurred off and on for many years, these past 8 months have been off the charts.  Stealing gas, puncture of the gas tank itself, cut fuel lines, stolen batteries, and removing catalytic converters are the main damage that has been done to us.  Cameras do catch some images but no clear facial shots.  Police reports are submitted on a timely basis to hopefully beef up patrol during the night.

However, I am the eternal optimist.  I try to see the good in everything.  Independence Plus is looking for a nearby warehouse or fenced yard to park our vans.  If anyone knows of space available, please call me and I will look into the location.

Our 7th Annual Bowl-a-thon will be on May 16th 2020.  You do NOT need to attend or bowl to be involved.  You can collect pledges or donations for our cause. Highest donor wins a large award winning/signed fine art canvas print.  You gain the satisfaction of knowing the support you have provided Independence Plus! Enrollment sheet is included with this newsletter.  If you do attend, it is great exercise and so much fun.  Just ask anybody who has attended one of our previous bowl-a-thons!


10:00 – 11:00 am      Volunteer Cupids to Kitchen:  Food Prep   11:30 – 12:30 PM:  Member Valentine Lunch in Program Areas:  In-house Movie chosen by vote- popcorn and dessert served during the movie  2:00 – 2:30PM:  Finish projects, Cleanup, Set up for next activity  2:30 – 3:30 PM:  Valentine Dance in Jupiter, Photo Booth in Yucca, Volley Balloon Toss in Ocotillo, Bean Bag Tic-Tac-Toe in Cholla, Karaoke in Sahuaro  3:30-4:30PM:  Member Valentine card exchange (if desired)






Arizona Gives Day returns on April 7, 2020.  24 hours of giving benefits our local nonprofits and strengthens our community.  The event will inspire people to give generously.  PLEASE MAKE INDEPENDENCE PLUS ONE OF YOUR PRIORITIES.  Do not forget:  receive up to $400 Arizona state dollar for dollar tax credit per individual or $800 for married couple (filing jointly) when you donate by tax time.  Donate $400 by April 15, 2020 and you can still receive $400 dollar for dollar tax credit on AZ State taxes for 2019 (or apply it towards your 2020 tax return).  Go to ‘’, enter ‘Independence Plus, Inc’ in box next to ‘Find Your Cause’ and then you can make your donation.  You can also donate directly to our agency by going to ‘’ and paying via Paypal.  Just click on ‘Donate’ button.  Thanks!







Welcome to Our New Members!*









*Only Members with Photo Release can be included in our newsletters






Recently we received grant money from the Allstate Foundation in the amount of $500.  This will help pay our portion of the Section 5310 grant by the federal government for a new 2020 Ford Transit van with wheelchair lift.  THANK YOU ALLSTATE FOUNDATION!!
















Our 7th Annual Bowl-a-thon will be on Saturday, May 16th.  Every year the bowl-a-thon grows and brings in more money for our organization.  Come jon the fun and help Independence Plus to continue its great programs!  Participant who brings in the most pledge money gets an original signed large fine art photo canvas print.  You do not need to physically bowl to win this grand prize.  Just go out and ask family members and friends to donate to our cause.  On the day of the event, you turn in your pledge sheet and monies collected or have someone else turn it in for you.  Or turn it in the day before at the center to Dr. Greg.  Plenty of door prizes will be handed out during the bowl-a-thon.  When everyone is finished bowling their 2 games, $75 cash prize will be awarded to erson with the highest score.  $25 cash prize goes to person bowling second highest score.  Winner for 50-50 raffle will also be picked.  You do not need to participate or be in attendance at the bowl-a-thon to participate in the 50-50 raffle.  Good luck everybody!

Unfortunately due to the Covid-19 pandemic the Bowl-a-thon was cancelled.  As soon as we can set a new date, we will let everyone know!


Some of our beautiful holiday bulletin boards created by members and staff.

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