On Wed, November 24th, 2021, members and staff enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving luncheon prepared by staff and members.

Roasted Turkey, Stuffing,

Mashed Potatoes

w/ Gravy

Mixed Vegetables

Dinner Roll w/ Butter




8:00 am Greetings, Put away belongings,
*Member Personal Needs Assessment/Changes
In-house Exercise (Nerf-ball toss, circle kickball, dance, etc.)

9:00 am Music, Group Activities (Socially Distanced) / Games,
Helpers to Kitchen for Last Menu Item Food Prep,
Start Food Warm Up / Set-Up Food & Beverage Tables

9:30 am Morning Refreshments / ISP programs as appropriate

10:00 am Movies (member vote and appropriate for DTA viewing)
Popcorn, Holiday Arts & Crafts

11:30 am (Staff to begin setting up for lunch in program areas – Arrange
Seating and Holiday Deco, etc.)

11:45 am Wash Hands, Be Seated at program area tables,
DSP IIs to collect food/drinks & take to assigned program areas

12:05 pm Thanksgiving Message from David B.

12:10 pm Enjoy Sit-down Meal in Program Areas.

1:00 pm Oral Hygiene, *MPNA’s, continue In-house Movie
Available staff begin clean-up, package/put away leftovers.

2:00 pm ISP programs, Arts & Crafts, Member Vote Activities / Games

2:30 pm Afternoon Refreshments, member choice of activities

3:00 pm MPNAs, continue ISP Programs, games, activities, etc.

3:30 pm Begin cleanup, final MPNAs, gather belongings, prepare for departure

  • MPNA’s hourly and / or as needed throughout the program day. *
    ISP programs continue as required per individual plan.

Christmas Holiday was Celebrated on Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Our center was closed from Thursday through Sunday so members and staff could enjoy time off with their families.

Our Executive Director, David Brieno, got to be Santa for the day!

Christmas Holiday Activity Schedule

8:00 am Greetings! Put away belongings. In house Exercise (Nerf-ball toss, Circle kickball, ROM)

9:00 am Music, Sing-Along Songs, Group Activities (remember to socially distance!)

10:00 am Holiday Arts & Crafts- Let your creativity shine!

10:45 am Put away projects. Clean Tables, Staff to begin setting up for lunch

11:15 am Wash hands, be seated at program area tables.

11:30 am Holiday Message from Executive Director

11:45 am Enjoy Sit-down Meal & Holiday Music in Assigned Program Areas

12:30 pm Clear Tables, Choice of In-house Movie & Individual Activities

1:15 pm Oral Hygiene, *MPNA’s continue in-house movie

2:15 pm Afternoon Refreshments, Music, Elves to give out member gifts

2:45 pm MPNAs Finish ISP programs, Member Choice of Group Activities/Games

3:30 pm Begin cleanup, Gather belongings, Prepare for departure